The Knight Bus now rolling out for Harry Potter Wizards Unite

WU’s incredibly exciting remote-fortressing update is now rolling out for players.

The Knight Bus is now available for Wizards Unite players Level 35 and up.

The update will eventually be available for Level 7+ players, and at the rate of rollout, it could be as soon as this evening.

The Knight Bus will take players to Hogwarts Castle where they can fight in all available chambers with players all over the world.

We’ve noticed some issues with iOS, specifically glitches in being kicked out of fortresses and the game taking a long time to load, even after force-closes.

We’ve also actively tried to matchmake with each other being sat in the same room but so far haven’t had any luck!

However, it’s just been confirmed that you can see when your friends are in a lobby. While you can’t actively coordinate together yet, this feature might let you fight together with your friends on rare occasions.

We’ll have tons more coverage for you on The Knight Bus and more over the coming days, including an all new Departure Denied later tonight. So far though, we’re loving this update!

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