Turmoil The Heat Is On DLC releases today

Turmoil, the oil rush strategy simulator from Gamious, will receive its first major DLC, The Heat Is On, today.

For $4.99, you will get a brand new campaign which adds a host of new ideas and features to the game. For instance, there’s a new town and mayor, as well as a massive, oil-rich map that has been divided into three areas.

Within each area, new drilling mechanics have been introduced, powered by magma which can also be mined and sold.

Edward, Fred and William return, but there are also new characters like Phillip who runs a shady card game and Jack who runs a magma tools operation. Anthony also returns, but now has his own store where he buys and sells lots of underground treasure.

The new mayor offers free tips and has a different auction system, but shares will still cost you money.


Meanwhile, you’ll notice a cat wandering around the village and even some new music tracks. This seems like a pretty massive piece of content that adds a ton to the base game.

The Heat is On has the option to play cards, collect treasure, ride into town and even have stock auctions.

Turmoil is set in 19th Century North America and you play the role of an oil entrepreneur who is all about prospecting, mining and selling oil. The team have really developed this to be a 1.5 version of the game as opposed to just base content and it is based on the learnings of Turmoil and the way players have gone through the game.

There’s also more depth, including 9 underground treasures which can be dug up and traded as well as other cool ways to keep you playing.

We have access to The Heat is On and look forward to sharing some impressions very soon!

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