Very Much Alive Cross-Device Compatibility for DOA5

Team Ninja continue to show off the incredible cross-platform capabilities of PS3 and Vita with DOA 5 Plus.

It was previously announced that Dead of Alive 5 Plus will feature cross-platform matches, shared save data and in-game purchases, but in a new press-release, they’ve gone into further detail.

To identify cross platform players, hardware icons will appear next to their name during cross-platform battles to tell their opponent if they’re playing on PS3 or Vita. Incredibly, the game will run at 60fps on both platforms so there will be no lag or slowdown, despite the differences in consoles.

What’s more, all characters unlocked on PS3 can be used on PS Vita—and vice versa.

In-Game Rankings will show which format players are using. The joint PS store will also track all DLC purchases and share them across both platforms so players are only ever paying one price while getting dual-content. With over 100 costumes to choose from, there’s quite a library.

With save games also usuable on both formats, enabling you to continue progress on the move or at home, and the ability to buy anything on the store at anytime, and bring it home to your PS3, it’s quite clear that this is the best way to experience Dead or Alive 5.

DOA 5 Plus is coming on March 22nd. 

(Source: Tecmo Koei Europe)