This War of Mine 3.0.1 fixes Anniversary Edition issues

The war-torn world of This War of Mine received an Anniversary Edition update just a few days ago, but apparently several of you were experiencing problems with the update. While we’ve yet to check it out for ourselves, we can tell you that there’s already a patch out to fix those problems. So, yay.


The Anniversary Edition adds three new locations when the sun goes down, as well as a new ending sequence, extra achievements, and new war-torn civilian avatars to choose from.

However, players were reporting some issues with the content, causing 11 Bit Studios to come flying into action.

This War of Mine 3.0.1 is a small update, but it stops the game suffering from locked scenarios, as well as minor translation fixes.

Here’s the full changelog.

  • locked scenarios – this was the biggest issue because many of you have lost progress in game; everything should be back to normal!
  • we fixed the mods functionality connected to text change
  • some minor fixes for English, Chinese and Korean languages

The devs suggest this should fix the majority of the major problems, but to contact them if there are any additional problems.

We’ll let you know how we get on with this once we check it out!

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