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Is the Ubisoft poker-face worth a gamble?

Over the last few weeks, gaming news seems to have been dominated by two stories: the concern or anticipation – depending on your view point – of the strictly embargoed Watch Dogs and that Microsoft have been listening to their customers and making changes accordingly.

A week later and Watch Dogs has been released to mostly positive reviews. Many waited just to make sure the game was worth their hard-earned cash. Now, so many frugal gamers are exploring their options, hoping to find the cheapest price for Watch Dogs.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the hard work. So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the cheapest prices for Ubisoft’s massive open-world extravanganza on your platform of choice.

This list will be continually updated, so please keep checking back for further price drops. 

Is the Ubisoft poker-face worth a gamble?

Xbox 360

Watch Dogs £39.00 at Amazon

Xbox One

Watch Dogs Xbox Live Digital Download £59.99 in the UK or $59.99 in the USA – How does that work?

Watch Dogs – £39.99 at 365Games

Watch Dogs £44.99 at Amazon (convenient for next day delivery for Prime customers)


Watch Dogs £39 at Amazon


Watch Dogs Digital Download £59.99 in the UK or $59.99 in the USA – Obscene?

Watch Dogs – £39.99 at 365Games

Watch Dogs £44.99 at Amazon (convenient for next day delivery for Prime customers)


Watch Dogs PC Special Edition with DLC £29.99 (-5% discount if you like their Facebook page)

Watch Dogs Standard Edition £24.75 at GameSeek

Nintendo Wii U

Watch Dogs £34.75 at GameSeek



This makes for interesting reading. Most people are ready to embrace digital distribution but inflated prices are still putting people off. For example, a PC gamer can pick up Watch Dogs on PC for £29.99 from CD Keys, but the digital version on Xbox One is a whopping £59.99, leaving a console gamer paying £30 more for a game they don’t even have the privilege of trading in.

The big question is, ‘is the inflated costs equivalent to the dangers of damaging / losing physical media?’ but I’m sure most people will agree that paying double the price for a digital game on a console can only be negative and far from being customer focused, especially considering the success and prices offered by Steam.

As the global community widens, most people are savvy enough to realize that $59.99 converts to around £35, so why do both Sony and Microsoft continue to think that UK prices should still be £59.99 ? This kind of disdain for European customers is grating and will further aggravate as we start to embrace a digital future.

There are a growing number of people who would sooner have a game installed on their hard drive rather than having to get up and remove a CD, put it back in the case – usually the wrong one – and put on a different game. It’s all about convenience.

We are embracing next-gen, but I, for one, would like to see prices that encourage more to do the same. Until that time, it looks like physical media will be alive for some time yet.

Let us know what you think about the current launch prices of digital games on consoles compared to that of PC and digital distribution in general by commenting below.

Have you found a good price for Watch Dogs? Comment below and we’ll add it to the article.


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