How To Watch the EA E3 2014 Press Conference Live Stream

Here, are on what is quite possibly the biggest day of the gaming calendar with a whopping four E3 press conferences taking place tonight, we would like to invite you to view the Electronic Arts  E3 2014 Press Conference on Expansive.

Tonight we hope to see more from Battlefield: Hardline, some snippets from the upcoming UFC, new details on the next Titanfall expansion, Dragon Age Inquisition and maybe even a little bit of Mirror’s Edge, in addition to new details on FIFA 15.

We’re also banking on a few surprises, including a heavily rumoured and widely expected new instalment in the Mass Effect Saga.

For more details on the event, check out our Bluffer’s Guide –


EA press conference:
BST: 9pm to 10pm
ET: 4pm to 5pm
PT: 1pm to 2pm
Watch live video from EA on

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