Wizards Unite could get Adventure Sync in time for Brilliant Event

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite could receive a major update tomorrow.

Ahead of the Darkest of Times Brilliant Event, renowned WU insider ‘OrangeWizard‘ has put together the list of tasks.

We’ll provide the outline below the story in case you want to avoid spoilers, but it’s a Bonus Assignment that seems to have rattled people.

One of the Bonus Assignments asks you to unlock 10 Portkey Portmaneaus. Unlocking Portkeys is nothing new for these events, but 10 is definitely more than usual.

Add to that, there’s a task within the normal assignments that wants you to unlock a further 5 Portkeys, meaning you’ll have to walk off 15 total to complete all tasks during the week-long event.

Many replied immediately disapproving of the amount of walking, especially since the event Portkeys are usually 3km and the lowest currently in the game is 2km.

Orange Wizard’s response, however, was interesting. When someone said ‘That’s a lot of Portkeys’ , they replied ‘and it will be easy ;)’

When asked ‘How will it be easy’ and ‘They still haven’t given us adventure sync’, OrangeWizard replied ‘Wait and See ;)’

True, there’s nothing conclusive in this, and it could be that Niantic are just reducing the distance on Portkeys during this event – though OW does say they’ll still be 3km – but we do know that Adventure Sync is both confirmed and imminent. Announced back in September, Niantic have revealed the popular feature is ‘coming soon’.

Adventure Sync has become an essential part of Pokemon Go and would make unlocking Portkeys during this event significantly easier.

With Adventure Sync, you can link the game to apps like iOS Health or Google Fit in order to track your steps, meaning the app can also be run in the background. Of course, this would reduce strain on battery – WU really is a hog – and it offers potential for things like fitness reports.

Adventure Sync would be the shot in the arm the game needs right now, especially with the continued and growing success of Pokemon GO.

If you want to know what tasks / boxes will appear in tomorrow’s event, check out the link below.

(Source: OrangeWizard)

(Brilliant Event Part One Tasks)

(Bonus Assignments)

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