Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day increases Wizarding World Foundables, adds Brilliant Dumbledore in January

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is full of activity this January with a massive Community Day Saturday and a new Brilliant Event the following Tuesday.

Coming off the back of a ice-focused Frosty Foundables event which saw various ice-trapped severe foundables appear in the wild, now you’ll be able to get Wonders of the Wizarding World Foundables more frequently on Saturday January 18th.

Community Day

Focused on the Room of Requirement IV Registry Page, rare foundables like the Whomping Willow, Weasley’s Car and Foe Glass will appear more frequently in the wild. To make it easier, you’ll also be able to encounter these foundables more frequently by using Tonic for Trace Detection.

Brew times for Exstimulo potions have been reduced by 50% and Master Note effectiveness increased from 15% to 50%, so make sure you stock up on ingredients. Spell Energy will be available on the map to help and there will be a special Community Day Assignment which provides Spell Books, Gold and XP.

To cap it all off, Dark Detector duration will be extended from 30 minutes to a full hour, so you’ll also be able to encounter other rare foundables for much longer. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Dark Detectors will only spawn High, Severe and Emergency Foundables during this time. It’s going to be incredible!

A free Store bundle will also be available, including Spell Energy, and Trace Detection potions.

It’s well worth getting The Knight Bus, Platform 9 3/4 Sign and Hogwarts Express Engines from Fortresses ahead of time, to make it easier to prestige pages. We’d also recommend having 6 Trace Detection and 6 Baruffio Brain Elixirs ready to use to get the most out of the event.

The Community Day takes place from 11am to 2pm local time.

Darkest of Times Brilliant Event Part 1

Following the Community Day on January 21 through to the 28th will be Part 1 of the Darkest of Times Brilliant Event. The event celebrates Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, by introducing the Brilliant form of his foundable to the game.

The event is focused on memories of Dumbledore and his fight with Voldemort, dedicated to his wisdom, perseverance, and love.

Brilliant Foundables will include Dumbledore himself, Fawkes, Hedwig, and Professor Trelawney. A follow up Brilliant Event will then happen in February which will focus on key foundables related to Dumbledore like the Pensieve.

There’s plenty happening in Wizards Unite, so if you’ve yet to check it out then there’s never been a better time to download and dive in!

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