World of Warcraft’s next expansion takes us to the Shadowlands

In the World of Warcraft, Sylvanas Windrunner has created a portal to the Shadowlands.

This latest expansion was just announced at Blizzcon and features five new zones, including the battlefields of Maldraxxus, and the horrific Maw.

Players will now explore the Realm of the Dead in Shadowlands, while claiming a Covenant power. As you level up, so you’ll get specific abilities based on our your choice of covenant. The new level cap will now be 120.

With improved character cusomisation, a new army of the dead, and the epic Tower of the Damned, Shadowlands will continue the WoW legacy into 2020 and beyond.

Watch the epic new trailer and wait with baited breath before December 31, 2020.

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Brad Baker

Brad is an absolute horror buff and adores the new take on I.T. He also fancies himself as a bit of a Battle Royale master but never when anyone's watching.
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