August 6, 2013


Payday 2 Release Date Confirmed by Overkill

Ready your masks heisters the release date for Payday 2 has been officially announced. Overkill’s Almir took to Steam with the following announcement. After days of negotiations with Bain, we are happy to tell you that we’ve come to an agreement….The PAYDAY 2 release date for Steam has been confirmed!…

Expansive Overview

Tales of Xillia Review

This generation hasn’t exactly been ideal for fans of  Japanese role playing games. In the last eight years we’ve seen a huge shift in the market from the RPG-laden glory days of the PS2,and sadly only a handful of JRPGS have made it to current gen consoles. Luckily for us,…


SimCity Mac finally appears August 29th

The long wait is over. Mac owners will finally get their hands on the troubled SimCity later this month. Set for digital release only, SimCity will release on Mac August 29th. The game will be cross-platform compatible with PC and those who’ve previously purchased the game on PC will receive…

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