Byleth joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate as Fighter 5

The final fighter in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pass has been revealed in a new Nintendo Direct today.

Speculation has been rampant ever since Terry Bogard was released a few months back, with names like Sora, Crash, Dante, and even Master Chief mentioned.

Nintendo have now confirmed that Byleth, in both male and female form, from Fire Emblem Three Houses is joining the roster as the final fighter in Fighter Pass 1. More fighters will be released for Super Smash Bros Ultimate throughout 2020.

Byleth will be available as DLC on January 28th for $5.99 separately or as part of the Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pass 1.

Sakurai spent a chunk of time explaining the Fire Emblem franchise and even how to count Binary on one hand up to 31. Yep, really!

This was such a surprise reveal that Sakurai revealed that very few Nintendo staff knew about it and would be scrambling to make preparations following the presentation. He also revealed this presentation was recorded back in November, crazy how they’ve kept this a secret for so long!

Byleth information

Byleth uses Sword of the Creator for flurry, strong and dash attacks. Byleth can capture and reel in opponents using the whip sword but can also whip onto the stage itself to pull themselves up if about to fall.

Byleth also uses the staff Areadbhar to do charge attacks. This also has a wide range of attack which can be effective in the air.

Another weapon used is Aymr, a legendary axe they use which lets out super powerful attacks but can also launch enemies. There is also a damage multiplier added to counters n

Finally, the neutral bow, Failnaught, is available to Byleth. Arrows can’t be released until a charge is complete, it’s also high speed and damage. You can even change the direction you fire at.

Byleth’s Final Smash sees them team up with Sothis to launch a powerful attack.

There are colour variants based on the house leaders, as well as a colour palette based on Sothis, and P7 and P8 is a little spoilerific for Three Houses but recreates something that happens in the game.

The main stage is set at Garreg Moch Monestry, with different areas shown off by using a mysterious platform. One area sees you in the marketplace where you can destroy the vendor booths, while another takes you to the Reception Hall, Cathedral, and the Bridge. Areas are cycled through around about every two minutes.

You’ll see familiar characters popping up in the background like Rhea, Seteth, Dimitri, Edelgard, Claude, the Gatekeeper, Hilda, and more.

There’s also a bunch of songs added, including the Three Houses Main Theme, as well as The Edge of Dawn, Apex of the World, and more.

A new Spirit Board has also been added, including House Leaders, Sothis, and other recognisable characters in Fire Emblem.

Heroic Legacy route has also been added in Classic Mode where you fight Master Hand and Crazy Hand, though apparently something interesting happens to make it a bit different.

Mii Fighter Costumes this time include Altair from Assassin’s Creed, the Rabbids with hats, Megman X and Megaman Battle Network and Cuphead which includes a music track! This pack is also available with each one available for $0.75 each.

Dark Samus and Richter Amiibo have also been confirmed for release January 27th.

Sakurai has also confirmed that there will be a Fighters Pass 2, with six new DLC fighters joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You’ll also get a bonus Mii Fighter Ancient Soldier costume from Breath of the Wild if you pre-purchase Fighters Pass 2.


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