Bravo Team trailer gets you to feel them all

A live action Bravo Team trailer has appeared ahead of the PSVR launch of the game on March 6.

The game comes from Until Dawn and Hidden Agenda creators, Supermassive Games and is a VR cover shooter for Playstation VR.

The potential for this one to receive additional content, much like RIGS, is pretty high considering it’s first party Sony, comes with multiplayer functionality including co-op and is shaping up to be a big hit.

Bravo Team has support for both the Aim controller, as well as DS4 and PS Move Controllers, and is inspired by action movies set in warzones.


With the opportunity to lean in and duck for cover, it’s going to be an immersive, epic ride. Following the exciting Inpatient and Moss, PSVR is already shaping up to have an incredible year so there’s never been a better time to pick up a headset.

We’ll be following this one closely and have more for you in the weeks ahead.

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