Horizon Zero Dawn cut content teased in AMA Reddit

During an a AMA Reddit with Horizon Zero Dawn’s Lead Writer, Ben McCaw, the game’s cut content was teased.

Actress Ashly Burch was also involved in the session, and both revealed that there was a quest in the Oseram territory that didn’t make it into the final game when asked about the ‘biggest or coolest’ thing that was left on the cutting room floor.

This question made me take a walk down memory lane! We had a quest line that had Aloy visit the Oseram territory of the Claim at one point. She was definitely going to shake things up a bit.

McCaw also revealed that HZD was directly inspired by the likes of Ben-Hur, Ten Commandments and that the Frozen Wilds DLC took cues from the movie 2010.

It’s a fascinating and interesting read. Well worth your time checking it out here.

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