How realistic are sports games?

It’s a conversation that’s been played out inside countless teenage bedrooms and in front of innumerable games consoles. Soon after slipping a clean, crisp disk into the tray, players begin to mull over just how akin to real life their new found digital experience really are. Are the movements of…


Are games giving us too much?

Dragon Age Inquisition surprised me in many ways, but my biggest surprise of all was that it actually gave me a greater appreciation for the oftly criticized second installment. You see, that was a tight experience that still offered a shed-load of content, yet it knew its limits. It managed…


Determination and Goals

There is nothing like having an end goal to motivate anyone. Especially kids. My son is keen, if not besotted, with the game Minecraft. He plays it on his iPad when he is at mine, but decided that, when at his Dad’s house, he wants a PlayStation to play in…

As We Play

Outlast Whistleblower: As We Play

Format – PS4 Version 1.01 Shh…Can you hear that? Better not blow that whistle just yet…The hunt is on once more! Yes, Red Barrel Studios have graced us with another installment in the pants-wetting, heart pounding terror-fest known as Outlast. Once more you’re placed into the creepy asylum filled with…


An introduction to FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 14 is a game millions of people around the world play every day. It’s enjoyable and drives football fans crazy with its fast, frantic gameplay and detailed modes and options. Arguably the biggest feature of FIFA 14 is the Ultimate Team game mode, and yet, many have still never…


Mario Kart 8 Price Alerts

Come May 30th, Mario Kart 8 will launch on Wii U and if you purchase and register it before July 31, you can claim one of ten Wii U titles for no additional charge. How generous! The full list is shown below.. New Super Mario Brothers U Wind Waker HD…

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