Battlefield 4 PS4 patch drops today

Another massive Battlefield 4 Playstation 4 patch has dropped today. This time, DICE has gone for the jugular and really seized control of the major issues, including the ‘Kill Trade’ issue, crashes during round transition and overall improved stability. Here’s the full changelog. Have you noticed the changes? General Notes…


Best Indie Games of 2013

My sincere apologies for the delay of this month’s indie column, but I have been struck down with the plague (well, no, just the usual pre-Christmas sickness, but close enough). In any case, better late than never eh? As a special treat this month, I have compiled a list of…


Warframe Update 11 unleashes Valkyr

The first major update for Warframe on PS4 went live yesterday and introduced some big gameplay changes, as well as the first ever in-game event. The F2P action game was available on PC earlier this year and it has already attracted a substansial Playstation audience. This update hopes to expand…


Massive Battlefield 4 PS4 patch drops

A stonking PS4 patch for Battlefield 4 has dropped and aims to remove the huge amount of client crashes the game has been experiencing. We’ve already reported that DICE are putting all of their resources into fixing Battlefield 4. Clearly, they’re doing exactly that, as even though this major patch…

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