As We Play

Sacred 3 – As We Play

    Format – PC I haven’t played, nor was I aware of, either Sacred 1 or Sacred 2. You could – rightfully – say I’m at a disadvantage picking up the story on Part 3, but never deterred, I blunder on in and take up the challenge of – hopefully – being…


DotA2 Like A Noob – Sand King

So after my mixed results in taking on the role of Krobelus the Death Prophet, I delved back into the wide world of DotA2 in search of a new challenge. I took on the roles of agility (Juggenaut) and intelligence (Death prophet) heroes in previous columns so all that left…

As We Play

Transistor – As We Play Video Review

Transistor is the latest game to come from indie developers Supergiant Games. Previously Supergiant Games brought us Bastion, a similar top-down, action RPG. Bastion was, and continues to be, a benchmark for action RPG’s with an art style and soundtrack almost unrivalled. At least, until Transistor. But we don’t want…


DOTA 2: Like a Noob – Part 2

I’m like a new man. After weeks in the metaphorical gymnasium of DotA2  I’ve mastered the middle lane, last hitting has become second nature and I know how to deny – although I’m still crap at it. A big leap, i’m sure you’ll agree, from my first foray into the…

First Play

A Story About My Uncle – First Play

First-person platforming is hard to get right. As anyone who has reached Xen in the original Half-Life can tell you, judging things like jump distances and depth can be extremely difficult when you can’t even see your own feet. And yet, perhaps because of the fact that most sensible games…


Grid Autosport goes a bit TOCA

Codemasters latest and greatest race-em-up, GRID Autosport is coming soon and a rather spiffing video has today emerged, showing off the shiny Touring Car discipline. Not only that, but they have rolled out some real, honest to goodness Touring Car drivers to give you some pointers on what it take…

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