Expansive Community Focus: Skyrim Addicts Podcast Interview

The Elder Scrolls series is fortunate enough to have a community that is as vast as the games themselves.  No doubt you’ve either experienced or at least read about the variety of mods constantly being developed for the various titles in the series.

The more recent titles such as Skyrim are constantly receiving updates and expanded content and even in some case complete graphical overhauls in the case of Skywind and Skyblivion. In addition to this fans of the series are constantly sharing and discussing their various experiences within the game, through forums and wikis, and of course showing their passion for the games through works of fan fiction and fan artwork.

It truly is a fanbase to be admired and one that if even if you have just a passing interest in the Elder Scrolls Series, then you should certainly consider jumping in and becoming a member yourself.

A particularly interesting corner of the The Elder Scrolls community is the Skyrim Addicts Podcast, a podcast where the host Michael David chronicles his journey through the game. I spoke to Michael we got to discuss all things Elder Scrolls and the Elder Scrolls community, it really is quite fascinating to hear how engaged and involved the Skyrim community can become with the game.

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