CWL tease inclusion of DLC maps in competitive matches for 2018 season

A tease from the Call of Duty World League has indicated WWII DLC map, Valkyrie, might be added to competitive play.

The 2018 season has already begun and with only 9 maps included with the game at launch, community members have voiced their disapproval at the lack of versatility over the course of the year.

With The Resistance DLC available on PS4 as of January 30th, however, there’s more possibilities open to the CWL and it appears they’re going to take advantage of them.

A recent tweet went out, advising people watch the beginning of Tuesday’s CWL Pro League Broadcast with an announcement. The hint comes from the GIF they’ve used. Check it out…


Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but seems like a pretty safe bet, right? Still not convinced? Check this out from the official Call of Duty Twitter account.


Seems conclusive. Guess we’ll find out more soon.

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