Danny Trejo is going to be a side quest in OlliOlli World

In one of the most unlikely, but absolute brilliant cameo appearences yet, Danny Trejo is heading to OlliOlli World.

Best known for his bad ass roles in Machete, Heat and From Dusk Til Dawn, now he finds himself in the skating world of OlliOlli in a crossover you did not expect to hear about this year.

Danny is hosting one of the game’s side quests in Radlandia and if you complete it, you’ll have a special ‘cosmetic item’ which you can add to your OlliOlli World character.

The game has extensive, expansive character customisation possibilities, from changing your board to your head, there are over 1,000 items to choose from, which is genuinely impressive.

OlliOlli World is looking great and if you pick up the Rad Edition, you’ll be able to get the Hero Pack DLC which includes the following

  • Bunnylord Head
  • Hero Arm Cast
  • Hero Skate Deck
  • Hero Tattoos
  • Hero T-Shirt

The Rad Edition also gives you a Close Encounter Skate Deck and access to two story based DLCs launching in 2022. The first – Void Raiders – is releasing in the Summer and adds a new biome, levels, characters, gameplay and customisation tools

The second is arriving in the Fall and also features a new biome, levels, character, gameplay and customisation unlocks.

OlliOlli World releases February 8th across all platforms

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