Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals is getting some Silent Hill DLC

Yeah, you read that right. There’s some Silent Hill DLC coming for Glowstick Entertainment’s party game.

Launching later this month, the story was picked up by Gematsu and Eurogamer over the weekend. Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals is a multiplayer horror game where players fight against each other in deep mazes.

And it seems that a huge crossover is coming this month, with a new teaser trailer giving off hints from Silent Hill 2 and 3.

Back in June last year, Pyramid Head joined the Dead by Daylight roster as DLC and this was the first activity we’ve seen from Silent Hill in some years.

Alongside the recent surge of activity, there has been growing speculation a new Silent Hill game is deep in development and could be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Expect more details on what we’ll get with the DLC in the coming days.

(Via Gematsu and Eurogamer)

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