DC Universe goes big on Home Turf

DC Universe sure ain’t dead yet. The 6th major DLC will be released next Tuesday.

Home Turf will introduce customizable housing to the game, as well as new missions and boss fights at four locations in the DC Universe: Stryker’s Island, Arkham Asylum, Steelworks and Ace Chemicals.

There will be 10 missions per location. Once completed, players will earn ‘Marks of Triumph’, which can be used to upgrade homes and lairs, expanding them and unlocking their full potential.

The Home Turf DLC pack will be available to purchase for PSN and PSN Plus Players via PSN Network, or from DCUniverseOnline.com for PC players.

Legendary members will be able to the download the pack at no additional cost.

Here’s a video to get you ready for January 29th.

(Source: Sony Online Entertainment)

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