DOOM Bloodfall DLC now available

The final piece of DLC in the DOOM Season Pass is now available. Bloodfall is out on PS4, Xbox One, PC today and also kicks off a Double XP weekend.

As predicted, this ties into the massive content update we saw last week.

Bloodfall costs £11.99 alone, or can be purchased as part of the DOOM Season Pass and includes three new multiplayer maps, as well as a new demon, weapon, and additional equipment.

The first map – Empyrian – is located in a rotting old colosseum that’s being held up by opposing energy. Players will also get to fight through a Boneyard on the fringes of Hell, and in an abandoned UAC facility in Outbreak.


Players will also get to transform into fan-favourite demon, Spectre Pinky, sneak up on enemies with invisibility and chew off their heads.

On top of that, the epic grenade launcher is ready to blast through the opposition with a smoke bomb as a secondary attack,  Lateral Thrusters give a slight directional boost, and there’s some new items for snap map, including Cultist Armour.

DOOM has been one of the biggest surprises of 2016 and this final piece of DLC looks like it’s ready to end things with a significant bang!

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