EA Confirms World Cup Kick Off Mode for FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4

If you are a football fan that has committed to next gen gaming, FIFA 14 has probably already put you under its spell. But as the World Cup gets closer, you are surely tiring of being teased by your friends and colleagues for being an early adoptor because there is no FIFA World Cup game on your shiny new Xbox One or PS4. Meanwhile they can soak up the carnival atmosphere on the humble Xbox 360 or PS3. Fortunately, there is a small consolation due in the next few days.

Recently, EA announced that FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team Mode will be getting a World Cup update on May 29th, which acts as a separate mode within FIFA Ultimate Team giving players the chance to build their own squad of players from all 32 National Teams taking part in the World Cup Finals.

But EA have gone one step further to appease next gen football fans by introducing a world cup kick off mode as well.

world cup

VideoGamer reported “The FIFA World Cup Kick Off mode will introduce all 32 national teams competing in the tournament, plus the official match ball. This means you’ll be able to play friendly matches, but no official tournament mode will be included

This might appear to be only a small consolation to gamers who have moved on to the PS4 and Xbox One entirely for their fix of FIFA. We did enjoy FIFA World Cup on 360, but maybe a small update will be enough to keep everyone happy.

We can also be thankful that EA are at least offering this update for free and have resisted the urge of adding the patch as an overpriced DLC pack. Definitely a refreshing and positive change.


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