Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition preorders give Half Life Pack

Final Fantasy XV will see the return of Gordon Freeman as buyers of the Windows Edition get a Half Life Pack.

In addition, a demo of Chapter 1 will release on February 26th ahead of the game’s March 6th release date.

If you preorder or purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam before May 1, you will get an in-game costume for Noctis which turns him into Gordon Freeman, complete with the HEV suit, scientist glasses and crowbar.

This isn’t the first major franchise Final Fantasy XV has crossed over with.

There will also be a Half-Life pack available for the multiplayer expansion, Comrades.  Also, if you preorder the game from Steam, there is a FFXV Fashion Collection which gives Noctis different t-shirts to wear. These include.

  • The strength-enhancing EPISODE GLADIOLUS Tee
  • The HP recovery rate-increasing EPISODE PROMPTO Tee
  • The critical hit rate-increasing EPISODE IGNIS Tee
  • The maximum HP-increasing COMRADES Tee

Alternatively, if you choose to preorder the game through Origin, you’ll receive the FFXV Decal Selection which offers various colourful decals for the Regalia car.

And if you choose to purchase the game via the Microsoft Store, your save file with the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV will be compatible. You will also be able to cross-play with Xbox One owners when playing Comrades. On top of that is the Powerup Pack which contains Dodanuki, a legendary sword which reduces enemy defense with each slash. The pack also gives you ten free phoenix downs and elixirs.

Choices, choices.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition comes with a ton of improvements and upgrades, including Native 4k and 8k resolutions with HDR10 and DOLBY ATMOS. There will also be ongoing mod support.

Here’s the full list.

  • Expanded Map: Insomnia City Ruins – all-new side quests and enemies such as Cerberus and Omega will be available through the expanded map of the Crown City of Insomnia. Players can also take on a battle with the Rulers of Yore
  • A fully-controllable Royal Vessel boat, expanding the world of Eos and allowing players to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissia. Players will also be able to fish aboard the vessel and discover new fish and recipes
  • A new accessory that can activate the new action “Armiger Unleashed” – players will be able to unleash powerful attacks while the Armiger is summoned. After collecting all of the royal arms, players will be able to find an accessory in an unidentified part of the world, enabling access to Armiger Unleashed
  • A new first-person camera mode, allowing players to experience the game from Noctis’ perspective
  • More than a dozen pieces of downloadable content including weapons, Regalia car skins and item sets
  • Archive – players can review the “Cosmogony” stories scattered throughout the FINAL FANTASY XV world. Additional local myths and legends will also be placed in various new locations. Through them, players will be able to obtain more information about the world
  • Quest to obtain and Strengthen Regalia Type-D
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