Ghostrunner Hardcore Mode is now available for PS4/XO, Winter Pack DLC coming soon

Ghostrunner is a pretty spectacular and dizzying cyberpunk style first-person action adventure and there’s some new content coming.

From today, you can now access a Hardcore Mode on both PS4 and XO, which lets you climb the Dharma Tower to take on altered levels and tougher levels.

Then on January 14th 2021, the game’s first DLC – Winter Pack – is a paid cosmetic pack which adds a Cold Snap Katana and matching Crimson Cold Blood Glove.

The Winter Pack will be available for $1.99 / £1.69 and will launch on all formats (including Switch) on January 14th. Switch owners will also get the Hardcore Mode on the same day.

We quite enjoyed Ghostrunner but there’s a few issues which we picked up in our playthrough. It’s absolutely still worth a play, however!

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