Guild Wars 2 gets content roadmap through 2021 with The Icebrood Saga

Ahead of the release of the next expansion, End of Dragons, Guild Wars 2 is getting a full content roadmap.

Beginning next month, ArenaNet have outlined extensive plans for the game in The Icebrood Saga: Champions, a Living World finale with tons of new content.

This multichapter saga includes new story, rewards, achievements, and masteries, and begins with Chapter 1 Truce on November 17th.

The rest of the content is, as follows…

December 2020

  • Wintersday

January 2021

  • Chapter 2: Power

February 2021

  • Lunar New Year

March 2021

  • Chapter 3: Balance

April 2021

  • Super Adventure Festival

May 2021

  • Chapter 4: Judgment
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