Halo 4 DLC to include new armor abilities?

If a recent You Tube video from TheHaloCouncil is to be believed, a future DLC with new Spartan armor abilities could be coming to Halo 4.

Frankly, we hope that’ s the case, because both abilities look pretty darn slick.

Both armor abilities are hidden deep in the game’s code, which either means 343 rushed to hide them at the last minute, or they’re going to included in a future expansion. The first ability, dubbed teleport, propels the user forward over a great distance. The second, hacker, enables the user to override a current player’s ability. For example, if an opponent is using a Hardlight Shield, the hacker ability will disarm the player, or if an opponent is using a jetpack, the hacker ability will bring them tumbling to the ground.

Did you know Spartans can teleport?!

Here’s a video showing the abilities in action.

Both abilities are clearly not finalized and need appropriate balancing, but this certainly creates some exciting possibilities in combat.

While we may never see these abilities fully realized in the Halo 4 verse, would you use them in a match of Team Slayer?

(Source: TheHaloCouncil, StickSkills.com)

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