Hat Pikachu are coming back to Pokémon GO for a limited time

To celebrate the Yokohama Pokémon GO Fest, Niantic are releasing all previous hat-type Pikachus in the wild.

Spawning globally, you’ll be able to get the following Pikachu hat types in the wild.

  • Flower Crown
  • Summer Style
  • Party Hat
  • Original Cap
  • Witch Hat
  • Detective Pikachu
  • Santa Pikachu

This will run from August 6th at 01:00 UTC, until August 12th at 8:00 UTC.

The event goes hand-in-hand with Shiny Poliwag entering the wild, Shiny Rayquaza being in raids, and the current overhaul of Shadow Pokémon.

And let’s not forget those rumours about September’s Community Day!

(Via Serebii)

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