Horace gets a Director’s Cut with v1.5.0 Update

Horace, the delightful platformer from 505 and Paul Helman, has received something of a Director’s Cut.

New content has been added with the 1.5.0 update, including a Ninja Suit and Portable Game Guy Device, both purchasable from the in-game shops. With in-game currency, of course.

The Ninja Suit isn’t just cosmetic either, as it gives you five seconds of invulnerability.

Meanwhile, the Game Guy device means you can play all of the Arcade Games in Horace anytime you want, along with a brand new game added with the update. Of course, you have to find or buy the cartridges first.

As for the game’s ‘Director’s Cut’, several new rooms have been added towards the end of Horace for you to explore.

Additionally, there’s some bug fixes and improvements in here, as well as fixes to the achievement system where sometimes it wouldn’t pop.

Horace is a wonderful game that you really should make the time to play. Check out our interview with the game’s creator where he said ‘Horace is a love letter to my generation’s video games’

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