Judgement DLC Packs in Japan prepare us for Western Release

Judgement – better known as Judge Eyes in Japan – is coming to the West in 2019 and has received a selection of DLC.

We anticipate they will launch when the game comes to Western territories and are a mixed batch that offer different gameplay features.

Firstly, the Present Costume Pack offers five costumes for the female characters, costing 1,000 Yen. This would roughly work out £7.

There’s the Ultimate Medicine Pack for 1,600 Yen, for around £11.50. It offers a set of medicinal items to help you out if you’re in a tough spot.

A Play Spot Fun Pack for 1,000 Yen provides frames for your Racing Drone, and a Detective Life Fun Pack with items to decorate your office, along with 18 camera filters for 1,600 Yen.

If you want them all, though, you can get an All-in-One Pack for 3,000 Yen, and there’s also a stack of free DLC that includes extra consumables and items.

Judgement will be exclusive to PS4.