Loot Hero DX – EXP Analysis

Loot Hero DX in Byte-Size

  • A nice, easy-to-play, diversionary game, Loot Hero DX is fun, but sadly fleeting.
  • Can be played on almost any machine. Ported quite nicely onto PC from mobile.
  • It’s a simple premise. You play a jousting knight who runs through a sea of baddies until he reaches the boss. Literally, there’s no attack button, no jump. You just keep running and running and running.
  • You’ll need to keep upgrading the knight with defense, armor, attack, and critical strikes. This can be done by collecting all the coins dropped from foes. If you don’t upgrade, the knight will eventually run into bad dudes he can’t thwart, killing you and forcing you to respawn.
  • There are 9 levels in the game, each one set in a different environment and  featuring a different boss – from a werewolf, to a troll, even a dragon. After each defeat of the dragon, the difficulty increases. As it does, you earn more XP and cash from killing and progressing. This enables you to prestige on each of the attributes and grow in competency.
  • It’s all quite mindless and wears its welcome out rather quickly, but you’ll be compelled to dip back in from time to time and gradually try to gather all the game’s Achievements and Trading Cards
  • At £1.99, Loot Hero is a little pricey. It would probably work better as a 79p game.

Final Analysis


It’s a game about moving from one side of the screen to the other while jousting and collecting loot. As a result, the price tag may seem ever so slighty hefty. But it’s mostly harmless and generally quite nice. There’s some feeling of satisfaction when killing bosses and seeing your knight grow stronger. Ultimately, however, Loot Hero will only keep your attention away from other things for a very short time. It may not even do that.


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