Marvel’s Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps Season Pass Review

Spider-Man has become Insomniac’s biggest success story since the opening of the studio in 1994 but have they created a slate of DLC to match? We overview The City That Never Sleeps.

What’s inside the Season Pass?

How do you access the content?

Each DLC can be played out of order and at any point in the game. You just have to enter the map/gadgets screen, scroll across to the DLC section, and choose which DLC you want to play. A percentage shows how much of the content you’ve completed in the DLC just like the base game.

What do they add to the game?

  • The Heist – The beginning of a new three-part narrative campaign starring Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. Additional bonus suits and collectibles are also added to the game, including The Resilient Suit, Spider-Uk Suit, and Scarlet Spider II Suit.
  • Turf Wars – The second part of a three-part narrative campaign. Additional bonus suits and collectibles are also added, including the Iron Spider suit from The Amazing Spider-Man comics, the bulletproof Spider-Armor MK I, and the Spider-Clan suit from Marvel’s Mangaverse comics.
  • Silver Lining – The Final Part of a three-part narrative campaign. Additional bonus suits and collectibles are also added, including Peter’s Into the Spider-Verse suit, Cyborg Spider-Man of Earth-2818, and Aaron Aikman’s Spider-Armor of Earth-31411.

How much does it all cost?

  • The RRP of the Season Pass is £15.99
  • The Heist costs £6.49
  • Turf Wars costs £6.49
  • Silver Lining costs £6.49

What did we think?

The Heist

The Heist strikes a good balance. Offering a thrilling start to this exciting Season Pass, while giving us lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. Slight Street Crime fatigue aside, The Heist easily ranks up there with the best DLCs this year with its quality in narrative, generous offerings, and its ability to continue iterating on an already excellent game.


Turf Wars

Turf Wars does suffer from the same issues as The Heist. The street crimes are still a slog. Hammerhead Fronts basically feel like Taskmaster Challenges without the medals, and having Screwball challenges back again really dulls my enthusiasm to work through any of it.

There are of course some cool new suits for Spidey to wear, and a tough bad guy kitted up with a Sable Tech shield and jetpack, but Turf Wars definitely lacks the spark of The Heist. Not only is it short and a bit lacking in ideas, it genuinely feels like a middle-of-the-road DLC that bridges a thrilling beginning and what will almost certainly be an exciting end.


Silver Lining

While Silver Lining is certainly a concluding arc to this chapter of game development, it never feels like an ending. Much of over-familiarity will wane on you, but it’s clear there’s much more to come from this franchise.

Even though Silver Lining has plenty of optional extras to mop up once the final credits roll, it’s hard not to be more excited about the future. In that, the DLC has served its purpose perfectly.



Purchasing the Season Pass offers the best value of money, a saving of nearly five pounds. And combined, there’s at least another ten hours worth of content between the collectibles, side-missions, and narrative.

The three part story remains strong throughout, focusing primarily on the secondary characters introduced in the base game, such as Yuri, Silver Sable, and Miles. However, the content is overly familiar and feels more like a regurgitation of the 50+ hours you’ve already plunged into the base game rather than offering something a bit different.

What the DLC does effectively is continue some of the narrative threads left unraveled in the base game and builds a bridge towards the inevitable Spider-Man 2, giving a platform to characters that would normally remain undeveloped. It paints the full picture of Insomniac’s vision for Spider-Man and in that sense, it’s essential.


+ Strong character development and story-telling
+ Fun side-missions which elaborate on plot threads in base game.
+ More wise-cracking and web-slinging never gets old.


– Doesn’t iterate much on content established in the base game.
– Difficulty intensifies which can frustrate

Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps Season Pass

8 out of 10

Tested on PS4

Code purchased seperately

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