Metroid Dread gets two free updates – Dread Mode Difficulty out now, Boss Rush in April

Metroid Dread is already a pretty tough challenge, but a new update now available just upped the ante.

Dread Mode is now available as a free update for the game and all it takes for you to die is a single hit from any enemy in the game.

However, Nintendo have also added a ‘Rookie Mode’ where you have increased recovery and take less damage from bosses. Sounds more my jam.

Speaking of bosses, in April a second free update is coming, introducing a boss rush mode where you can fight all of the game’s big bads back-to-back.

Need convincing of just how good this is? We called it one of Nintendo Switch’s best exclusives when we played it last year. We said…

I am blown away by just how good Metroid Dread is. I’d been anticipating the game, for sure, but this has exceeded my expectations in just about every way possible.

For me, there’s been no better experience in any game this year. And few experiences better on the Switch to date.

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