Mii characters and amiibo figurines playable in Smash Brothers

Smash Brothers will have support for Mii fighters and new amiibo characters.

Mii characters will come in three types. Brawlers. Mii Brawlers are fast and powerful.

Sword fighters are sword masters and dexterous

Gunners are armed with mysterious arm cannons, and can fire projectiles from all angles.

Each type can choose 4 different moves and use them in battle. In total, however,  there are 36 special moves in total. Mii’s are included so you can make up any character you like and use them in Smash Brothers.

In addition, Nintendo introduced amiibo and allow you to bring toys to life in-game. Reggie Fils-Aime also suggested that both Disney Infinity and Skylanders Trap Force may have amiibo compatibility. The Wii U system can recognise the character and spring them to life in compatible ways in new games. Character data is downloaded into any game you’re playing. You will have your own figure with unique stats, which not only appears, but enables them to evolve as a fighter in Smash Bros with Wii U.

This will be the first game to support amiibo and it will launch alongside Smash Brothers on Wii U this Holiday. Amiibo play is also being prepared for other Wii U games, including Mario Kart 8!

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