Monster Energy Supercross 2 Season Pass adds 9 DLC packs at a very low price!

The Season Pass for Monster Energy Supercross 2 has arrived and will give you a whopping 9 DLC packs for just £19.99!

With a mix of content that celebrates the past and present, you will have the chance to relive the history of the Supercross in the Los Angeles Coliseum.

The Season Pass will also let you change the livery on your bike and tracksuit with 6 customisable sets, take part in the Monster Energy Cup, explore a new compound with additional challenges and more.

Three of the Packs are also available from today and can be purchased seperately for £1.69, £3.29, and £3.99 respectively. The Outfit Starter Pack adds two complete sets with helmet, goggles, suit, and boots for your rider.

While The Camo Pack offers 10 camouflage-themed liveries and special suits, and the Credits Multiplier will let you speed up your game progress by doubling your credits with a fixed multipler at the end of every race.

Monster Energy Supercross 2 is out today on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!