Monster Hunter: World x The Witcher III Wild Hunt Crossover DLC is now available

The highly anticipated crossover DLC between The Witcher and Monster Hunter: World is now available to play.

Originally announced last year, the DLC will see Geralt of Rivia and Ciri cross over into the world of Monster Hunter to take down an otherworldly threat.

This is a high-end, permanent singleplayer crossover for HR 50 or higher, and it takes place in the Ancient Forest. To beat the mission, as the trailer shows, you’ll need to take down a powerful and ancient creature.

Currently, the rewards are a rare 7 SnS and a Geralt skin, with a Ciri skin available from next week.

The attention to detail is clear for all to see, and even seems to surpass the Geralt crossover in Soul Calibur VI.

The Monster Hunter: World Witcher 3 update is available now as a free download for the game.

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