New Project Morpheus title announced

Infinity Runner, the next game from Wales Interactive, will be releasing on PC, Mac and Linux, on June 2nd.


What’s more, the team have announced a plethora of new platforms, including PS3, Wii U, PS4 and Playstation Vita (How this will work on the small screen is anyone’s guess?) all due for release later this year. The game has also been confirmed to work with Oculus Rift and Sony’s newly announced, Project Morpheus.

When we first looked at the game, we described it as ‘Mirror’s Edge meets Mass Effect’ and that’s precisely what we have here, but with a twist. You see, there are also Werewolves in this here version of space. And none of the Jacob from Twilight lark, either.

Also, unlike Mirror’s Edge, rather than a female protagonist, players will be assuming the role of a male prisoner who must use movements and techniques inspired by parkour and mixed martial arts. To survive, you’ll have to use evasive manoeuvres and a dynamic targeting system that focuses on knee-jerk and reflex actions.

The story in the game is told through a narrator that somehow speaks to the prisoner telepathically. The in-game narrative generally supports the fast-flow of gameplay, but there are some sections that will be slowed for narrative pacing.

The Prisoner has been captured by the Spaceship Infinity, the largest spacecraft ever made (around 1500 miles long and nearly 300 miles in diameter). The crew is 500,000,000 strong, and the vessel is designed to house another 1 billion people on top of that. The Infinity is purposefully designed to prepare for colonization of other worlds and also has bio-domes on its side which house forests, providing food and oxygen for the population. The craft is powered by the Infinity Drive, a light-speed capable device which enables the vessel to cruise through the mostly uncharted regions of space.

It seems like a home away from home. So, why then, is this person a prisoner? Who is he, and why has he brought out such hostility among the ship’s crew? Also, how the hell are there Werewolves? We have so many questions.

Infinity Runner’s main aim is to answer those: determining who you are and why you’re on the ship as you blaze through its full 14 levels.


Creepy corridors are made for sprinting

Excitingly, Wales Interactive recently confirmed to us that Infinity Runner isn’t just ‘the next game’ from the team. This is actually something much more substantial and will somehow have links and ties to Master Reboot, as well as upcoming projects from Wales Interactive. From what we can gather, these games are all part of one large, expanded universe and everything will start to click and possibly come together as more and more games release.

I got chills just writing that…

Oh, and if that didn’t get you excited enough, a 32 player multi-player mode has also been thrown into the mix so players can battle it out head-to-head. This sounds both chaotic and delicious.

Wales Interactive have told us that Master Reboot really was just the beginning of a movement, and that from now on, with every new release, the team is going to push themselves harder and harder, adding more emphasis on story, character, gameplay, and continually striving to make the ‘next game’ better than the ‘last’. They describe the whole process as a journey and believe that it will lead to Wales Interactive becoming a major gaming force in the years to come.

We already mentioned Infinity Runner will support Oculus Rift, but it has also now been confirmed that the game will have support for Project Morpheus as well. You can also expect Steam Trading Cards and Cross-Platform Multiplayer from launch.

We’re expecting a brand new trailer in the next few weeks which we’ll be sure to share with you as soon as we get it. You can also expect a full Overview of the game as soon as we get our hands on the game.

I’m sure you’ll agree, this looks absolutely fantastic and we’re absolutely fascinated to see how this ties into Master Reboot and Wales’ Interactive’s next game, which we do know about, but aren’t quite ready to mention.

So far, the only confirmed language for Infinity Runner is English, unlike Master Reboot which could also be played completely in Welsh. However, we’ve reached out to Wales Interactive to see if that will be the case at launch.

Either way, stay with us for all your Infinity Runner news. There is plenty more to come!

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