Infinity Runner Wales Interactive’s latest coming to PS3 and PC

Wales Interactive put themselves on the gaming map last year with creepy futuristic hit, Master Reboot. It challenged expectation, carving a name for itself on PC and just recently, Playstation 3.

This year, they’re going to take us on another trip with their latest big budget showpiece, Infinity Runner.

Infinity Runner will once again launch on PC and Playstation 3, but the big difference here is that the game will also fully support Oculus Rift.

Little is known about the game at this point, but what we can glean from the below trailer is that it has a distinct Mirror’s Edge feel about it. And it’s set on a space station that gives off a genuine Mass Effect vibe. In fact, it already sets the scene for my dream game.

Your character appears to be a prisoner who manages to break out of an encased pod, desperately wanting to escape a space station which is starting to fall apart around them.

The trailer is brief, but shows the character jump over laserbeams, perform forward rolls, sprint down enclosed space-like corridors collecting blue squares, slide along shutes and under shutting doors and yes, fight space-marines with knees to the face and kicks to the sternum.

The graphics look ace, the game seems fast-paced and fun and basically, it reminds us of how great it was to be Faith in 2008. While the wait for Mirror’s Edge 2 seems to be getting further and further away, this latest effort from Wales Interactive could definitely help satiate our ravenous hunger.

There is no official release date for Infinity Runner just yet, but we hope to get some more information for you very soon in a future Welsh Gaming Column. For now, sit back and bathe in the awesome of all this action.

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