Minecraft has reached ‘The End’

Twitter is fast becoming a main source for breaking news. Minecraft news, especially.

4J Studios have offered a few bits of information regarding Minecraft’s future via their Twitter feed.

Title Update 8 (otherwise known as ‘The End’) will focus on bug fixes and improvements, while also addressing an issue in which players were prevented from sleeping even when monsters were not nearby.

Blazes will also drop Glowstone Dust following the release of the update, as the meterail was thought to be too rare. The update will also ensure every Minecraft game features a Nether Fortress.

Play XBLA seem to have discovered why the update is called ‘The End’. Apparently, players will find themselves going head to head with a giant Ender Dragon in a barren, vast void. Eek!

For the future, 4J plans on adding Iron Golems, The End portal and Spawn Eggs, as well as texture packs.

Typically, one thing they didn’t mention for all of this is a release date, but it’s still encouraging to know that Minecraft will see extended support on XBLA in 2013. 5 million Xbox sales can’t be wrong.

Still, we’re a little concerned that this latest update seems to have a rather conclusive title.

(Source: 4J Studios Twitter)

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