‘Playstation MVP’ program revealed

It seems Sony are aiming to reward Playstation owners even further. The introduction of the MVP system looks set to reward the top 1% of Playstation players.

This morning, IGN have reported that invites have gone out to players who have an excellent trophy count, as well as a wide library of games played on their Playstation 3.

While we still don’t have the specifics, it seems the program will reward ‘highly-engaged’ gamers on the format. The top 1% of Playstation users are ‘experts on everything related to Playstation’ and are ‘some of the most influential and important members of the Playstation Nation.’


 The banner at the bottom only lists PS3 and PSVita. However, it’s safe to assume that, if the program is a success, it will continue into the PS4 lifespan.

Applications can be submitted now, but will take between 4-6 weeks to be assessed and reviewed.

(Source: IGN)



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