Rainbow Six Siege adds Becky Lynch and The Undertaker to its ranks

Rainbow Six Siege is crossing over with WWE in two new content packs available from today.

Available across all formats, you will be able to pick up two individual cosmetic bundles within the game.

Blackbeard can now gather a ‘Deadman Bundle’ which adds the vintage Undertaker uniform, ‘special headgear’, a further Operator portrait, Championship charm, along with a Moonlight Brawl background and Tombstone weapon skin for the MK17 CQB.

Thorn can also get a ‘Man Bundle’ which turns them into Becky Lynch, using her familiar attire and uniform, Operator portrait, WWE Championship Titles Charm, ‘I Am The Man’ background and a Dis-Arm-Her skin for the UZK50GI.

Each bundle costs 2160 R6 Credits each or 4080 R6 Credits combined.

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