RIGS to receive new arena and mechs in Winter Season Update

Guerilla Games’ flagship launch title for Playstation VR is going to receive a wealth of post-launch content.

And that’s great news for us because we said it was a killer app that justifies the purchase of the hardware.

The best part is that the Winter Season update coming next month will be completely free to all owners of RIGS. The update will add some marked improvements to the game but also some exciting new additions as well.

First up are some new APX Rigs that are faster and more agile. They will have a lower amour rating to offset that, but are supercharged and designed for more experienced pilots looking for a fresh challenge.

There will also be a new Zuirch arena for the MCL Global Circuit. It’s the first European arena and an extension of the Rigs HQ complex, filled with tunnels. This might mean it’s of significant benefit to Hunter classes and is certainly going to create some tense situations when in a close-run PowerSlam match. The arena is going to be shown off for the first time at Playstation Experience in just a few weeks.

Here’s where it starts to get a bit more interesting. The new update will add in weekly trials, which offers a series of events for players to get through in order to receive additional in-game credits, fame, and exclusive customisable items.

And speaking of cosmetics, there will a wealth of new items and victory celebrations added for Rigs Pilots in the Customization store. Very cool!


More details are expected to drop in the coming weeks, but in the meantime get practicing. Or if you’ve yet to grab RIGS yet, then you really, really should!

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