Shiny Lotad and Castform join other Water and Grass Types with Limited Research Event in Pokémon GO.

Leaf-headed Pokémon Lotad and the diverse Castform will get Shiny forms added to Pokémon GO.

A new Weather Themed event takes place on March 30th from 11am to 8pm in your time zone.

Field Research tasks on the day will reward you with a Lotad, while you’ll also encounter other weather-impacted Pokémon in the wild, such as Castform.

In addition, a new move for Castform – Weather Ball – will be added to the game.

The event is reminiscent of the recent Feebas event which was met with controversy due to its challenging research and limited time frame.

Until then the Spring Equinox event is still ongoing in Pokémon GO, and the Treecko Community Day takes place tomorrow.

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