Rayman Legends to be released for PC

Today, Ubisoft announced that it’s forthcoming title, Rayman Legends, which is already scheduled for release on the Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, will also be available for PC. All versions of the game will hit shelves on August 30th 2013. Quoted as “the most anticipated platformer…

Expansive Overview

Develop Conference 2013: One Man’s Journey

So this is a rather long write up of my first experience of the annual gaming nirvana that takes place in Brighton (a gaming hotspot of the UK filled with developer studios and educational institutions). I was extremely excited to attend as, for most people in the Industry, it’s a highlight…


Ubisoft launches Watch Dogs WeareData website

Set for release in the next few months, Watch Dogs publisher Ubisoft has gone all out and launched WeareData, an experiential website designed to gather and graph publicly unprotected social data. So far, only three cities are initially available; London, Paris, and Berlin. The website, an impressive promotional tool for the…


Expansive Opportunities: Cloudberry Kingdom

Cloudberry Kingdom initially started life as a project on Kickstarter that was successful in hitting the funding goal. Developer, Pwnee Studios, then got the good fortune of Ubisoft being interested in publishing the title. This is certainly a lucky break for the development team, but was it a wise move…

Expansive Opportunities

Expansive Opportunities: Flashback

Flashback, commonly considered a spiritual successor to Another World, was a video-game that originally came out back in 1992; veteran gamers will no doubt remember. In 2013, Ubisoft and VectorCell are hoping to reintroduce new players to the franchise with an upcoming remake. Will this prove successful in gaining new fans, whilst…

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