The Black Mesa mods get modified with Surface Tension Uncut

Computer programming really is becoming like Inception. A team love a game. They mod said game, manage to do a great job, then get their own fanbase.

Then what happens? Someone mods the mods; attempting to modify a second-hand interpretation while somehow trying to remain faithful to the original vision.

Welcome to our brave new world.

Black Mesa is fast becoming one of the most successful mods of all time. It’s already won Mod of the Year awards and achieved notoriety across the spectrum. The mod sets out to recreate the original Half Life with Half Life 2s’ Source Engine.

Here’s a peek.

While the team is mostly done, some corners were cut, and unfortunately, some chapters shortened. In particular, Surface Tension.

The good news is that one modder has decided to help  out by picking up where the Black Mesa team left off, and completing the second half of the level.

While the Black Mesa team haven’t come out and said they’ll finish up the areas they’ve missed, in the meantime, we’ve got this damn good interpretation to play around with.

The mod is already available and can be downloaded right here

(Source: RPS, PC Gamer)

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