75% of polled Gamestop Loyalty Card Owners don’t know what DLC is

Gamestop have freely admitted that DLC is so successful, it’s easier to sell in stores than guides and accessories.

In a recent interview with Destructoid, Brad Schliesser, Gamestop’s retail digital distribution boss, went on record to say “Downloadable content is easier for us to sell compared to strategy guides or accessories,”

“They’re games and our sales associates are gamers.”

As you might assume, the interview reveals that the majority of retail sales aren’t from enthusiasts. People buying games in stores generally aren’t as informed on new developments, such as newly released content. To prove this, GameStop polled its loyalty card members and found 75% of them didn’t know DLC even existed.


This is a rare, and interesting interview that looks at the role of digital distribution in the gaming industry from a retail perspective. Definitely worth a look.

(Source: Destructoid)

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