The Sims 4 combines Bowling with Fitness with new Stuff DLC

The Sims 4 just got lots of new stuff with Bowling Night and Fitness DLC.

In the Bowling Night Stuff DLC you can have a fun night out with your Sims by building a Bowling Hangout and even challenge them to games of bowling, whether you want the bumpers up or feel up for trying trick shots.

The DLC lets you build a proper alley with neon lighting and decor, but you can also order refreshments and customise everything with retro bowling shirts and funky hairstyles.

As for Fitness stuff, you can make sure your Sim stays active by building a climbing wall and improving their physical skills. With that, there are climbing challenges, a climbing treadmill, and advanced bouldering techniques.

You can build the outdoors in your house and dress your Sims as athletes with apparel fit for a gym.

Both pieces of DLC cost £7.99 and are available to download right now.

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Jay is a massive football fan - Manchester Utd in case you were wondering - and lover of gaming. He'll play just about anything, but his vice is definitely Ultimate Team.
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