Warframe Wukong Prime DLC Packs pay homage to the Orokin Era

Two new Wukong Prime DLC packs are now available for Warframe across all formats.

At £57.99, you can get the Prime Access Pack with new Prime Gear and Discounted Platinum for prime variants of Warframes.

For a limited time, you can also get instant access to Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime, Ninkondi Prime and more.

Wukong Prime is a trickster-warrior, while Zhuge Prime is a weapon with ‘surgical precision’ and Ninkondi Prime is an ancient weapon with a ‘new truth’.

For a little bit cheaper at £44.99, you can also get a Wukong Prime Accessories Pack which gives you 1365 Platinum, as well as rare gear.

This includes the Sanzang Prime Kubrow Armor, Ancient Orokin armor, the Jindou Prime Syandana, Tang Prime Kubrow Fur Pattern and the Corposant Prime Ephemera.

To complete the kit, you’ll also get 90 Day Affinity and Credit Boosters and a Kubrow Starter Kit.

Both packs are available now.

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