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Ray Willmott – Owner/Editor

Ray officially went live with ExpansiveDLC on New Years Eve 2012 in a cold, London hotel room (That’s how he likes to party!). Having written for The Sun, VG247, 148Apps, GameTM, PLAY Magazine and others, Ray has a lot of experience writing for major outlets and working on big projects, and is hoping to bring that experience to his own project. The concept for Expansive first came to Ray in 2010.

Laurie Jones – Co-Owner/Assistant Editor

Laurie supports Ray in the editing and running of Expansive DLC. Laurie also helps Ray conduct interviews (with the likes of Yuji Naka and representatives of Paramount and Ubisoft). While she doesn’t write very often, she  also helps with the compiling of news and collaborating on reviews. Laurie has experience of moderating forums for The Leaky Cauldron and has led reading groups around the world of Harry Potter. For the most part, she manages to put up with Ray and helps provide stability and validity to Expansive DLC.

Aaron Lapper – Columnist/Designer/Staff Writer

Aaron is an enthusiastic League of Legends player and puts that on display for all to see with his regular LoL column. Aaron also helps design many of the beautiful logos that bring life and soul to Expansive DLC. In addition, he also contributes by writing both news articles and reviews.

Ron Barker – The Techie Dude

Ron has helped bring Expansive DLC to life with the site layout, theme and logo. He has also introduced forums, added live chat rooms, and helped with the general maintenance and upkeep of the site. Basically, none of this would be here without him.

Tom Regan – Previews and Staff Writer

Tom’s contributions to Expansive have been extraordinary. Since coming in, he has produced extensive, engaging content, and brought dozens of new eyes to the site. His work ethic, passion, attitude and writing make a total package. Tom has become an invaluable asset to Expansive and his work is some of the best on the independent scene right now.

Lucy Ingram – Staff Writer

Lucy not only writes news, but she also provides reviews, columns and previews on all the latest games. Lucy also writes for major gaming blog, Ready Up, but continues to contribute to Expansive and gives the site a welcome perspective on a variety of key issues.

Diogo Miguel – Staff Writer

Diogo is a crucial member of the Expansive team, and represents the site at many press events. Diogo has a long history in the industry and always conducts himself in a courteous, professional manner. Diogo is a widely respected, highly appreciated individual by all in the video games industry, and his work is some of the best on the independent games writing scene.

Picto Pirate – News Writer

Picto has been a member of the Expansive Team since the very beginning and helps produce news-based content for Expansive. His unique writing style is both engaging and engrossing and certainly puts a nice spin on the standard press-releases you’ve come to expect.

Mark Newman – Staff Writer

Mark has a unique perspective when it comes to critiquing games, seeing things from a development and a gamers point of view and brings that insight to Expansive DLC. His work is invaluable and one of a kind.

Mark Cope – Staff Writer

Mark is a new member of the team. In 2013, he wrote and reviewed a new PC game every day as part of a Steam a Day project. His work impressed the Expansive team and got him straight on their books. Mark works on reviews, news and previews.

Daniel Lipscombe – Staff Writer

Former owner of Libri Populus, book nut and games fan, Daniel has returned to games journalism and chosen to bring his wealth of experience to the Expansive team. Daniel has previously contributed to The Guardian, as well as other major freelance avenues and offers opinion, review and feature content.

Ben Monro  – Staff Writer 

Regular contributor to Expansive, providing news, reviews and sometimes even his own opinions on the latest and greatest in all things video games. producing both written and video content Ben is a valued member of the Expansive team.


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