June 10, 2013


Microsoft E3 Conference Liveblog

Good morning! Today’s the day we learn all about the big games coming to Xbox One in the first 12 months of its lifecycle. We’ll be reporting on rumours throughout the day, then giving you the conference in full when it airs at 5.30pn BST. Is your body ready?


EA E3 livestream and blog

EA are set to show off their upcoming library of games in just a few hours. We’re expecting Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age 3, as well as lots of sports, but we’ll also get to see what EA have done with their newly acquired Star Wars license and the strongly…


Ubisoft E3 Livestream and blog

Ubisoft are going to be lifting the lid on some of their upcoming projects later today. We know about a few of them, but we’re also expecting a few surprises. Keep checking our liveblog for rumours/leaks ahead of this evening’s presentation.

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